James Lynch
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Welcome To My James Lynch Page
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Oi welcome to my James Lynch page. This page is done for and about James lynch of Dropkick Murphy's! Who is an awesome Guitar player and all around performer,and one heck of a kool Kat. This page is still a work in progress if you saw the original page then you would know what a step up this is. So look around enjoy and sign the guestbook and take part in the poll (it's all in fun). If you have any questions or anything fell free to e-mail me at ILoveMarkUnseen@aol.com thanks Erica


well i got to see James and he knew who i was!!!!!!!! wow im sorry that was just to KOOL! ill get thoses pics back soon!


Okay well guess what there is now a James Lynch fan club on myspace! So come join the fan club 



      Sorry no new updates in a long time but i am still around! i just go back from tour and if anyone is looking for a really good merch girl (then look no farther)! oh okay down to the good stuff i got a few new pics of James up and working on getting more info! a new page will be up soon!!!!! its 100x kooler then this one :-)


  • New Red Soxs Photo page
  • Some lame new info
  • New photos on photo page one


  • Check out the newest DKM member to my page! (Stanley)

a pic i took myself (okay well "I" took it from the video)

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Okay i need some help i want to make a new james banner but i want some photos that are rare can i get some help from his friends, family ANYONE ? THANKS



To Kute!! If i could only find a pic of Mark and James i would just die my 2 fave. guys :-)

  I love hearing what everyone has to say so thanks to everyone who has signed the guest book or taken part in the poll you ROCK!!!!!!!!!

This page was started on June 4, 2004